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Time and attendance products ensure you can keep exact records of hours worked by employees. This technology, which has been developed to ensure individual identification and irrefutable record keeping, saves valuable man hours and determines actual work done.

Mobile Time and Attendance Recorder

Product Introduction:

TimeStation™ is a fingerprint time and attendance recorder. Fingerprint identification prevents someone deputed recording and no  need to have any other recording media like RF.

Retrieve Working Hours Directly:

Administrators can retrieve time, attendance and working hours direct through LCD display.

Calculate Wages with TimeBook:

dministrators can calculate personal  wages with Timebook software easily, after sending info into TimeStation™  PC.


TimeStation™ uses 4 AA batteries as power supply, therefore can be used anywhere.


High Reliability for Fingerprint Identification – with high performance sensor and algorithm, you can trust Timestation for finger print identification.

Multiple Identification Methods – Supports other identification methods like ID and password.

Display Working Hours – Calculate personal working hours and display it to LCD panel.

Support Multiple TimeStation Devices – Use multiple TimeStation devices compatible.

Larger User Capacity and Transaction Storage – Keep 3 administrators info, 1000 users info and 100000 transaction records.

Easy Communication – Communicate between TimeStation and PC via USB.

Backlight – Allows utilization in the dark.

Complete Control – Timebook allows for adding and deleting of any attendance record.

Versatility – Timebook accommodates export data to Excel or text format.

Supports Multiple TimeStation™ Devices – TimeBook can manage time and attendance records from multiple TimeStation™ devices.


LCD 128 x 96 dots
Image Resolution 500 DPI (Optical)
Communication USB 1.1
User Capacity 1000 Users, 3 Administrators
Power Supply USB,DC (5 Volts)
Size 188 x 136 x 45 (mm)
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