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Mobi-i Blackbox


Lens Digital high quality
Sensor C-MOS
CPU Safe double CPU
Frame record 15 frames ~ 30 frames
SD card SD card (standard 4Gb) / Max (16Gb)
Power Min DC 12V ~ MAX DC 24V
Video channel 1 channel
Angle 120°
Record mode Real time / Event
Playback 1Vpp, 75Ω, NTSC, COMS Live
Playback in real time Able to connect to GPS monitor
G-SENSOR Automatic event recording
Manual record With the press of a button
Record saving Sectioned into 20 sec clips.
Speed sensor 3G-Sensor
Data Backup Every 10 sec.


  • The system records video images in real time and breaks up the recording into 20 second clips on the SD card. This allows an increased volume of   recordings and aids in fast file searching and management.

  • Supports event and speed recording. Thanks to G-SENSOR, the system automatically reacts to sharp maneuvers and impact to the car, which triggers to automatic event recording.

  • The information is saved on SD card.

  • Recorded data can be played back on Blackbox Software or through popular players.

  • Supports tracking of location of the car on Google map when connected to GPS module.

Quality of Recorded Data:

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