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BNSoft Evardy S1 Black Box

Product Introduction:

A device to record the outer front and inside environment of the automobile and record the car position and speed for the driving duration.


Cigar Jack- Cigar Jack is designed to allow direct monitoring of the driving
situation on a Navigation screen through the AV Out terminal.

Cigar Jack has a DC Out Terminal both DR (driving recording)
and Navigation monitoring are available through only one Cigar Jack.

Parking Video Recording- Motion Detecting Function is available to monitor car damages that anyone causes during the parking period when Cigar Jack is connected to the Fuse box in a car to use the power continuously.

When the IN/OUT Motion Detect is operated for the time set and there is no Power to Cigar Jack, and any movement is detected during that time, the data recorded for 1 minute is saved to the Motion Folder in SD Card.


Main Chips MV Chip
Memory Internal : NAND Flash Memory (1GB)
External : SD Card (1/2/4/8/16GB)
Dual Camera
(Visual angle 135º)
In : 0.3M Pixel CMOS Sensor, Infrared LED
Out : 0.3M Pixel CMOS Sensor
G-Sensor Internal 3D G-Sensor
GPS Internal GPS Module
Interface Power (DC 12~30V), SD Card Slot, AV Out
Power Main : Car Battery (Cigar Jack) 5~30V
Backup : Built in 120mW Li-Ion Polymer Battery
Recording Resolution Video : 640 x 480 (Dual 15fps, Single 30fps)
Still cut : 640 x 480 (1frame/sec)
PC Viewer In/Out Video, In Audio, G-sensor Data, GPS Data, Time

PC Viewer:

  • IN/Out Movie View
  • Out Still Cut View
  • GPS Data View
  • G-Sensor Data View
  • Map Linkage Function
  • Submittal Data Extract Function
  • Product Environment Setting Function

PC Viewer with Camera Footage

Evardy S1 Unit
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