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Mul-T-Lock® is a world leader in the design and manufacture of the Master Key System.

Namely, the unique key and patented 20 Telescopic-sizes pin system. Because the cylinders are made from stainless steel and nickel silver, it has been proven to be pick-proof and drill resistant by leading experts. One Master key, which cannot be copied or duplicated, controls access to all your cylinders, whether at home or at your business premises.
Electronic Cylinders and Keys

This intelligent electronic locking solution offers highly advanced security and works quickly, easily and reliably.

Leading the trend towards higher security with the latest intelligent keys and cylinders from Mul-T-Lock®., this range of advanced locking solutions incorporates micro-electronics and Interactive CLIQ ä technology ensures an exceptionally high level of security through an electronic cylinder and a battery-operated key.

This electronic locking solution offers highly advanced security and works quickly, easily and reliably. The key is inserted into the electro­mechanical cylinder, the cylinder decrypts the random number sent from the key, validity of the key is identified and registered in an audit trail. If the key and the user are valid, the cylinder will unlock and then close, if not, the cylinder will remain closed and will send the details to the audit trail - thus you are able to tell when unauthorized entry has been attempted and by whom.

The multi-functional key records any attempts made to open all cylinders it is inserted into, it leaves a Normal and Foreign Audit Trail recording all entries or attempted entries and then stores that Audit Trail. A Quartz internal clock ensures accurate time scheduling. The key also has a time-validity period function, allowing pre­recording of access at various times into a room or building. The key light indicator shows when entry is authorized. The battery low indicator consists of two red lights, not only indicating that the battery power is running low, but also indicating unauthorized entry attempt and an out of authorized schedule attempt. Mechanical copying of the key is virtually impossible as it is patented and cut by specialized equipment, prohibiting mechanical duplication of a key by an unauthorized locksmith.

The cylinder stores a list of authorized and unauthorized keys and will only allow opening by authorized keys and most importantly at authorized times. The cylinder stores both the normal and foreign audit trail.

Other than the obvious high security advantages of the electronic locking system, it is flexible, user-friendly, easy to extend and upgrade as it is end user controlled and can be integrated with existing Mul-T-Lock® mechanical systems. It is convenient, easy to install, easy to plan and easy to use while offering high security at a low cost. Furthermore, this key can also be master-keyed meaning; one key can be used to open an entire building with detailed records as to when these openings were made!

The locking system is an innovative key of the future, but remains user friendly, adaptable to a user's needs, as well as aesthetically pleasing!

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