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The core technology, developed by combining the skills of R&D experts and leading developers in Asia, was designed with the intention of allowing integration into a selection of diverse Security Solutions, primarily Access Control. By utilizing pre-registered facial features in its database, Face-Tek’s 91% hit rate, allows the system to deny access to all known risks elements automatically, adding huge value to a new level of security surveillance.

Face-Tek Wall Mount Unit

Product Introduction:

Face-Tek Wall Mount Unit is designed to control access to different parts of a building while strengthening overall security. Integration of 2 CCD cameras to take account the height of users and LCD screen offers a quick and easy user positioning for simple use and rapid authentication in under a second.

For identification (1:N), users simply look at the cameras for Face-Tek to authenticate their identity. For verification (1:1), users simply wave their proximity cards onto the card reader while looking at the cameras. Face-Tek then compares the extracted biometric template against the stored template belonging to the card. In its application, Face-Tek Wall Mount Unit is supported by an IPC/PC running Face-Tek Entrance Control Systems.


Power AC 100-240/12VDC 3A max (36 watt max)
Camera  2 CCD cameras, adjustable vertical angle 30゜
Verification Time (1:1) < 1 second
Identification Time (1:N) < 1 second
Recognition Distance 0.5-1m
Card Reader  RFID or EM card, interface: RS-232 or RS-485
Indicators  LCD monitor (5.7’’), speaker (2 watt)
Monitor input  Standard VGA (15 pin)
Dimensions 210 x 370 x 45 mm
Location Indoor use only
Weight 1 kg
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