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The core technology, developed by combining the skills of R&D experts and leading developers in Asia, was designed with the intention of allowing integration into a selection of diverse Security Solutions, primarily Access Control. By utilizing pre-registered facial features in its database, Face-Tek’s 91% hit rate, allows the system to deny access to all known risks elements automatically, adding huge value to a new level of security surveillance.

Face-Tek Notiface II

Product Introduction:

With its intelligent face recognition algorithms, Notiface II analyses the input from various CCTV cameras, comparing the captured face images with database containing previously stored profiles and face templates.

The system announces instantaneously when a known individual appears, alerting operators to take proper actions.

Notiface II was developed to focus on identifying blacklists on the police investigation and to enforce house bans, thus avoiding possible threats and risks.


  • Easy Enrolment
  • Increased security through immediate identification and tracking
  • Customizable voice and text alerts
  • Free configuration of relay output (Optical, Acoustical, via RS485)
  • Compatible with analogue video surveillance systems.
  • Fully automatic operation 24/7
  • Logging of all face images with date and time index for easy searching
  • 4 modes of main interface
  • Extendable face similarity index
  • Face throughput regulator to adjust capacity of face capture and recognition
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