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The core technology, developed by combining the skills of R&D experts and leading developers in Asia, was designed with the intention of allowing integration into a selection of diverse Security Solutions, primarily Access Control. By utilizing pre-registered facial features in its database, Face-Tek’s 91% hit rate, allows the system to deny access to all known risks elements automatically, adding huge value to a new level of security surveillance.

Face-Tek Matrix Keeper

Product Introduction:

Enhanced Controller System (FTMK) is the next generation of face recognition and access control system. This revolutionary device combines the infra-red illuminated cameras and DSP system. The propriety IR LED matrix provides stable and gentle lighting that solves environmental issues commonly associated with face recognition systems. FMTK enables you to have 24/7 operation security and ease of use, day or night.

The IR cameras take the live video from the scene and use high speed DSP processors to execute real time image process. Those processes include detecting the human face in the given video frame, extracting the facial image, getting through pre-processing and searching the database for the closest matched result. Those complicated procedures have been successfully bundled seamlessly to a portable DSP platform, the Face-Tek Matrix Keeper.

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