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With Access Control becoming increasingly relevant in South Africa. Multi-Locking has made the difference by producing a virtually indestructible casing for its Biometric Units, catering perfectly for Africa’s harsh environment.

Time and Attendance Recorder

This finger print time and attendance recorder prevents one from deputed recording and there is no need to have any other media like RF Cards etc. Time, attendance and working hours can be retrieved directly from the unit on the LCD display or by connecting directly to your laptop by way of USB. This unit comes standard with time book software making the calculation of wages and overtime a snap. A major benefit of this unit is that it is fully portable and can be used on construction sites or remote locations with ease.

Key Features:

  • Portable time and attendance register
  • Positive identification
  • No additional recording media required like RF Cards etc.
  • Data can be saved in Excel/Text file formats making it compatible with existing software

Technical Specifications:

  • LCD - 128 x 96 Dots LCD
  • Image Resolution - 500 Dpi (Optical)
  • Communication - USB 1.1
  • User Capacity - 3 Administrators, 1000 Users
  • Power Supply - USB / DC 5V / 4 AA Batteries
  • Size - 188 x 136 x 45 (mm)
  • Memory - 100 000 transactions
  • Operating Systems - Windows 98(SE), XP, 2000
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