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With Access Control becoming increasingly relevant in South Africa. Multi-Locking has made the difference by producing a virtually indestructible casing for its Biometric Units, catering perfectly for Africa’s harsh environment.

Microelectronic Intelligent Keys and Cylinders

This electronic locking solution offers highly advanced security and works quickly, easily and reliably. The key is inserted into the electro-mechanical cylinder, the cylinder decrypts the random number sent from the key, validity of the key is identified and registered in an audit trail. If the key and the user are valid, the cylinder will unlock and then close, if not, the cylinder will remain closed and will send the details to the audit trail thus you are able to tell when unauthorized entry has been attempted and by whom.

Key Features:

  • Full audit trail of every key inserted or used in the cylinder
  • Can replace / upgrade existing locking system
  • Full range of electronic padlocks also available
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