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Multi-locking utilizes a wide variety of Security Systems, which enbles us to provide you with effective control, of who has access to your assets.

Whether we make use of the latest Mechanical Locking Systems, internationally recognized technology or locally produced innovation. We ensure provision of solutions for a number of Corporate, Government and Private sector requirements.

Please feel free to Contact Us to discuss your unique security requirements.
Our Projects
Mul-T-Lock® is a world leader in the design and manufacture of the Master Key System.

Namely, the unique key and patented 20 Telescopic-sizes pin system. Because the cylinders are made from stainless steel and nickel silver, it has been proven to be pick-proof and drill resistant by leading experts. One Master key, which cannot be copied or duplicated, controls access to all your cylinders, whether at home or at your business premises.
Electronic Cylinders and Keys
Existing Lock Systems Upgrades
Product Innovations
Our Projects
With Access Control becoming increasingly relevant in South Africa. Multi-Locking has made the difference by producing a virtually indestructible casing for its Biometric Units, catering perfectly for Africa’s harsh environment.
  • Finger & Pin Code - Access Identification
  • Uncompromised Access Control
  • Irrefutable Time and Attendance
  • Parking System integration
Bio Flash Memory Sticks
Biometric Access Control
Microelectric Intelligent Keys and Cylinders
Time and Attendance Recorder
Our Projects
The core technology, developed by combining the skills of R&D experts and leading developers in Asia, was designed with the intention of allowing integration into a selection of diverse Security Solutions, primarily Access Control. By utilizing pre-registered facial features in its database, Face-Tek’s 91% hit rate, allows the system to deny access to all known risks elements automatically, adding huge value to a new level of security surveillance.
Face-Tek Client Face
Face-Tek Matrix Keeper
Face-Tek Notiface II
Face-Tek Wall Mount Unit
Our Projects
We provide solutions to track moveable and at-risk assets (Vehicles, Computers, Machinery and Value Stock). Using a variety of GPS, RFID and pertinent technology to ensure you are not only in control, but also fully aware of your valuable assets, whenever you need to be.
Product Overview
Our Projects
A major project nearing completion. Ask us about this Ground Breaking innovation in Personal Asset Control.
Product Overview
Our Projects
From planning and design, to project implementation with customized, site-specific installations of all IP or Analog Systems. This includes the remote transfer of data transmissions as in Virtual Barriers and/or Wireless M.E.S.H solutions; we take ownership of the entire process.
All-in-One Digital Video Recorder
BNSoft Evardy S1 Black Box
BNSoft Evardy S2 Black Box
Mobi-i Black Box
Rugged Mobile DVR
Surveillance Cameras
Our Projects
Time and attendance products ensure you can keep exact records of hours worked by employees. This technology, which has been developed to ensure individual identification and irrefutable record keeping, saves valuable man hours and determines actual work done.
Mobile Time and Attendance Recorder
Time and Attendance Recorder
Our Projects
Mul-T-Lock® produced the world's first Gear-lock system and is certified by major insurance bodies. Our mobile fitment team are able to install and service the Mul-T-Lock® solution on-site or at your premises.

We also provide Vehicle Alarms & Immobilizers and Smash-and-grab Window Tinting custom installed to your requirements.

We manufacture Parking Poles, Wheel Clamps and even Container Locks, all engineered to ensure peace of mind when it comes to your personal or business vehicle or fleet.
Car Transmission Lock - Top Lock
High Security Container Locks
Internal Car Transmission Locks
Kingpin Locks
Parking Poles
Trailer Ring Locks
Wheel Clamps
Our Projects
An advanced, user friendly control panel, designed with a web user interface. Our system provides Home and Office Security, as well as X-10 Home Automation, either on-site or remotely - all at the touch of a button.
Product Overview
Our Projects
Multi-Locking Security Solutions offers an extensive range of value added products and accessories for every unique security application.
High Security Doors
Mortise Locks and Deadbolts
Safes, Cabinets and Doors
Security Window Film
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